Could not find Project: Projects whenever attach image

Hi all,
whenever i try to attach a image in a Purchase Invoice it shows this error-
Could not find Project: Projects
It came recently, earlier it was working fine.
I check the cuztomize field tab as well everything seems okay.

Thank You

is project the mandatory field? because when you attach something then it first save the document.

Yes the Project is a mandatory field.

So first fill up the project and after then attach something.

i already filled projects and all the necessary details, we are facing this issue since last few hours.

as per the error said, the Project has a Projects ID.

Please check it in the project doctype and find out if, there is a ‘Projects’ or not.

I checked and everything is correct as it was working fine yesterday.

oh :roll_eyes:

Go to the Project doctype and search the ‘Projects’.

nothing is there :frowning:

please help

Because project has no projects, remove the project and select the another project that have a project in project list.

Just tried still same issue, im facing this issues since last 2-3 hours, everything was working fine till then. also i didn’t even change any settings or any doc type setting

check the console log and find the error and try it your way. if any client and something applied then check it and resolve it.

@NCP there is nothing in the console log


I have all the rights but im facing this issue.
and a normal project manager user is able to upload the attachment so why this is happening with me if i have all the rights.