Could not find Stock UOM: Nos while saving production order


I have been trying to create a Production Order and keep getting this error message " Could not find Stock UOM: Nos". The error is because there is no UOM called “Nos” in the database, but the default Stock UOM field(which is not editable) under the ‘More Info’ section is autopopulating the value as “Nos”. Please find the image attached for reference. Can you please help with the same.


1.Check Item Unit of Measure.
2.Select item list->Choose Item->Select->Default Unit of Measure.

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Sagar shiragawakar
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Hi Sagar,

Thanks for the reply.
I checked the customize form and ‘Nos’ is not the default in there under
‘Unit of Measure’.
Any idea how I can resolve it.


Akilesh Anandharaj
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Quick FIx:
Create New UOM ‘Nos’
Go to Item master for that Item and check what is Default Unit of Measure