Couldn't bring the app icon of the newly created app in the desk (localhost/desk)

Hello, i am new in Frappe/ERPNext. I was trying to create a new app using Frappe following the official tutorial. I have created a new app named Library Management, and setup a new site named library. After that, i start the bench and check at my localhost. But i didn’t find the icon of Library Management in the desktop. I have also checked the All Applications button. There is no applications named like mine.

This is the code written in file of the app-

from __future__ import unicode_literals
from frappe import _

def get_data():
    return {
        "Library Management": {
        "color": "#589494",
        "icon": "octicon octicon-book",
        "type": "module",
        "label": _("Library Management")

I have also checked the setup → settings → Show/Hide Modules. There is nothing named Library Management there.

Am i missing any step here?

My OS is: Ubuntu Mate 15.10

Make sure the user has permission to access library module.

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