Couldn't find Modules for Marketing, Admin, IT and Production. Seeking Help

Greetings! I am using ERPNext’s Latest Version (Just Updated Today) with the services domain. Just like all other businesses we have Accounts, Sales, HR, Marketing, Admin, IT, and Production departments. I know ERPNext has almost endless features but while creating “User IDs” for each employee I couldn’t find support for Marketing, IT, Admin, and Production roles and permissions.

What I want to do is to assign employees roles profiles that allow them access to only relevant segments and modules but I’m unable to find roles and permissions for Marketing, IT, Admin, and Production employees. I really would appreciate your help. Thank you

Also, here is the screenshot of all roles I see.

In ERPNext there is no module named Marketing, IT and production. For Administrator role, you can create one and select to add all roles.
Fo the others same, just add a Role and select which Modules you want to give access to.

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Thank you Mr. Snogha for responding. To clarify, I would repeat what I understand from your suggestions. I need to create custom roles then create role profiles based on these custom roles and assign the new role profiles to employees working in either Production, Marketing, IT, and Admin department?

The second issue I see, if I’m creating custom roles I would need to define which modules can be accessed in a specific role. But is there any support for the departments I mentioned earlier? Are there any specific modules or doctypes for the Marketing, IT, Production, and Admin departments?

In our use case, the production, IT and Marketing are the core departments which we really need to bring on the system. I have been facing this issue since a week. How would I implement the ERPNext across organization with all departments on board? Should I create new custom modules for IT, Marketing and Productions?

@clarkej I really would like your help on this. Sorry for tagging you but it would create too much ease for me.