Couldn't submit delivery note: Stock adjustments must always be debit



When we try to submit a delivery note we get the below error msg

Please get back asap. It is quite urgent.

Set “Balance Must be” as blank in “Stock Adjustment” account record.

Thanks nabihait, it worked.

However, once the transactions have been submitted you can’t change the field back. I’ll need to check that it’s okay.

Do you have any idea why the stock reconciliation caused this issue?

You should look into General Ledger report for those 2 account to understand why their balance is going in opposite side.

Thanks Nabin

Not fully sure what you meant by ‘in opposite direction’. Could you please elaborate on this?

For “Stock Adjustment” account, you have set “Balance Must Be” as Debit. So, you are expecting that the balance of the account always be on the Debit side. But as you are getting the error, the balance is going into Credit side. “General Ledger” report will give you the idea why it is going into Credit side.

Thanks Nabin, will check it soon