Counting checkboxes in custom DocType

Hi Guys,

I have a custom doctype similar to a Poll with a number of questions and two answers for each (Yes and No) as checkbox (yes_1 … yes_n, no_1…no_n). Both answers can be true or false.
I need to count the number of checked Yes and No, perform some calculation based on these values and populate a field in doctype.

Any help is appreciated.

Kind Regards!

No idea in two weeks…:thinking:
Is it impossible or not interesting?

just read this a few minutes ago. Relevant :slight_smile: Give Away Your Code, But Never Your Time — William Gross

Got your point!

Maybe i have chosen the wrong category of the forum although i’m working on developing a Frappe app (Health & Safety) which i intend to make available for everyone.
Anyway, i appreciate all the efforts done by the community.

Great. Its best to make it clear upfront. Also before contributing, you should share your specs.

Also the preferred way of contribution is adding it to the core rather than creating an app.