Country specific chart of account


First, I want to say I am not an accountant.
I am trying to use French COA found at
I think is not usable yet because root_type is not definied.

The COA in France is a tree of classes. I’ve read here that the case is the same in other countries: the tree may contains child branches with liabilities and assets.
As an exemple branch “class 4 third-party accounts” contains “400 suppliers accounts” and “410 customers accounts” I would like to set root_type asset for one and liability for the other one.

But I can not. I’ve tried to import COA but every time I edit or save the root_type of an account it reverse all childs to asset.

Is it a bug? is it the intended behavior?

Can I have a different type of root for childs? If not will it be possible in a future release? what type I should use for the tree root?

thank you for help.


When you go to, you can fork the chart you want to change. After that you can choose the root types for the nodes, Assets, Liabilities and so on.

Whenever you try to submit the Chart of accounts, it will tell you what error is there in terms of missing classification. You need to put in all the missing node types accordingly and then try to submit. Once submitted it is a valid COA and can be integrated into ERPNext.

If you have any specific queries, you can post the steps here with screen shot and we can address those.

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I’ve tried to change root_type from UI, it was impossible. So I did it directly with a database query. Now all is ok.