Country specific-TN- chart of account

Hi community,
I have a doubt with my country specific-Tunisia- COA configuration.

As per current design, system enforce root type value (non editable) from the parent account to all sub group and child accounts.
But, current official Tunisian COA a parent and child accounts can have same or different root type.

Class 4: third parties accounts. —> since it’s a required field I selected liability to pass.
42 : payable account —> liability
43 : receivable account —> asset

what solution you suggest, your input is highly required.


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Same problem in Germany:

There are multiple roots with mixed child-types. For example, “Weitere Erträge und Aufwendungen” (other income and expenses).

What effect does a “wrong” root_type have?

For me I have created class 4 accounts two times, first for the asset and second for the liability and each group includes all specific accounts type with same root type.

wrong root-type will impact on the balance sheet as per my findings so far.

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