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Hello all

We are a startup company using erpnext to manage our production, warehouse, sales, etc.

Why do countries (i.e. in contact address) appear in English when I am using erpnext with German setting?
i.e. I want “Schweiz” as a country but there is none called that instead I have to choose Switzerland.

If I want to use “Schweiz” I would have to create a new country called “Schweiz”.


You are right, country info is not translated.

Can you add this as an Issue in GitHub?


would you tell me if this issue was resolved?

I have the same issue. My setting language is French. In this case, I want to see “Suisse” instead of “Switzerland”.

Looks like this issue is not yet addressed. Are all the other terms translated properly?

Other terms are translated, not really “properly”. But this is another issue.

Hi guys,

As the issue is not solved yet, you can create a custom translation in your ERPNext account:

If you want to do it for all countries, you can use the data import tool.

If some terms are not translated properly, you can also propose your translations on the portal:

There are still some terms not available on this portal and some translations not applied back in ERPNext and I have created an issue for it:

But for most of the words, the translation should be available on the translator portal.

I did exactly this in the same way you are showing above. But the custom translation didn’t work for me. I still get “Switzerland”

Ok, I guess I understand your issue now.

All countries are added to the Doctype “Country” in english during the installation, no matter your system language:

Maybe the best thing is to make an export and reimport to change the names to french. Or just change the name of the countries you want to use into french as a starter.

The setup fixtures should be modified to have a translated name imported from the beginning.

Yes, you are right!

I just renamed “Switzerland” to “Suisse” and it’s now shown Suisse in my addresses.

At the moment, I don’t need the translations for other countries.

Thank you for your help!

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