Couple questions regarding ERPNext

Had couple questions for a company. they do manufacturing and distribution, as well as 5-gallon delivery which needs to handle deposits (similar to Advantage Route Systems)
Does ERPNext support the following.

EDI with Customers
MIS – AD Connection for login -
Fixed Assets – Does this have FA? How compare to FAS100?
Ordering – user has mobile app or website to create order based off par. , can integrate 3rd party
Delivery Routing -
AR- Credit Hold / Credit Line
AR/Delivery – Sign invoice on phone and print copy on thermal paper. Hold signature in erp next as with invoice
AP - Scan Invoices/Receipts with desktop scanner and add them with transaction so no need physical copy

Fixed asset docs here:

Customers may have credit limits.

Others may be able to recommend integration with EDI, AD POS apps or implementing POS scenarios. Description of your business model may help.

Thanks Smino.

Currently, company is doing Manufactuing and distribution. Currently 1 warehouse but will most likely expand to 5 in the coming years across the island chain (Hawaii). I’m a windows admin, not programmer, so kind of lost when it comes to all of this. But willing to try learn if we can make this work for us.

Current item count is about 100. But may soon expand to 1-2k items

Current process is

  1. Create order (by order desk/call center or by route order writer who visits the store and creates order)
  2. Send it to pick
  3. Items picked.
  4. Pick list returned to order desk and any OOS items and adjustments are made.
  5. invoice printed
  6. driver takes product and invoice. Delivers and has customer sign.
  7. Driver comes back and hands in invoices. Any non-delivered either redelivered following day or voided.

The process I would like to get to is (and doesn’t have to be all at once as I am sure some customizations will have to be made.

  1. order created by order desk/merchandiser using computer or mobile app
  2. items are picked (using handheld device, and barcode.
  3. Invoices printed for the delivery day
  4. product delivered and customer signs on handheld, and signature is saved on server, so reprint of invoice with signature on it can be sent to customer for any decencies. Some customers will need a copy of invoice printed on site via thermal printer connected to handheld.

It would also be nice to handle Route Delivery Sales (something like Bottled Water Software | Bottle Deposit Tracking - AdvantageRS (, which would handle also Bottle/Cooler tracking and deposits.

One big thing we would need to be able to do is EDI for customers like walmart, CVS, walgreens (to name a few).

There is a bunch more of things we would like I am sure, but the biggest one is above. Manufacturing side, I still need to figure out how they want that to operate.

I appreciate the help!

Hi… chiming in…
since the doc flow process is standard as per your new process with the mobile app. Per our experience with ERPnext it should handle it pretty well…
Mobile app signatures and what not is out of system, but with some customization + custom mobile app should be able to handle that… should just do Android based for easier distribution.

EDI usually is also out of systems, preferably hosting on cloud platforms would help with their list of microservices type service like AWS lambda, redshift, workflows etc… you can build services to interface with external systems simillar to cron/batch type jobs.

Feel free to discuss further… ERPnext/Any ERP is pretty deep when it start to come down to the details so perhaps POC will also help you…