Coupon Code in v11

Early this year, we paid for the development of Coupon Code and asked for it to be merged to the Core. For various reasons this was determined to be too difficult and we were told that Coupon Code would be integrated into Loyalty Code and it would come out in v11. So v11 is visible and Loyalty Code is there, and Coupon Code is advertised on this page: But I can’t find it anywhere. Did I miss it? Or is it RSN? (Microsoft-speak for “Real Soon Now”)

Since its not clear from your post, want to make it absolutely clear that features don’t get in because someone “paid”. Every feature that is available to everyone is “paid” by someone. So that point has absolutely no context in post.

It was not determined difficult. There was a lot of feedback given and there was no way we could have merged it in the way it was contributed. Also there were 2 components to the contribution, loyalty points and coupon codes. I think loyalty points was worked again by @ManasSolanki and @Zlash65 and it is into v11. Not sure if Coupon Codes was in the plan.

Maybe @nabinhait can throw some light.