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Hi Guys,

I appreciate your efforts and coming up with a education module. I have been through the video tutorials and some documents as well. I am looking at ERPnext from School prospective.
two questions

  1. I have to create courses for my classes. (Program)
    As i understand ERPnext, A program would have courses but as per setup, we create courses as independent of program.
    In school case, we have a course Maths but as obvious course content is different for each class. (e.g Class 3… Class 9).

So, do i have to create my courses as
(Maths - Class 9) ----> It would be added in Class 9 Program
(Maths - Class 8) ------> it would be added in Class 8 Program
(English Language - Class 9)
(English Language - Class 8)

OR should i just create Maths as a course and then i may have some other provision to link my Maths to specific Program (class 8 and class 9).

  1. Instructors and their engagement
    What if i need a different instructor for Maths - Class 9 and Maths - Class 8 ?
    would it be possible, if i only create Maths!
    Does ERPnext education assist me in making timetable. How can we avoid duplication and classes conflicts over rooms/subjects/time schedules!


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Hi @fawwad_hussaini

You have to create the separate course for each program. and have to assign the instructors accordingly. Regarding the Instructors and the course schedules, you have to manually create them but an error message for the conflict will arise incase there will be any conflicts with the time schedules.

thanks for the feedback.

This means, in order to keep it as separate entity. I will create as Maths-Class9 and Maths-Class8.

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Generally, the syllabus of every subject should be unique. So if the maths for std 6 and std 7 are different, then there should be separate course for them.