Covert localhost:8000 for erpnext to an IP address 192.168.X.X

I installed ERPNext on my ubuntu machine, and it’s now working on localhost:8000
How can I make run on an IP address like 192.168.X.X ?
so I can connect the site from different PCs on the same network


The other PCs on the network should be able to access your ERPNext by visiting the ip adress of your host 8000 port in a browser. You may need to open the port on the firewall.

So ,
You are using a VirtualBox or a “real” Pc
if is a VirtualBox you will change the NAT rule
(If “Real” PC )you only need to find your local IP (open terminal and launch “ifconfig” you will fund a IP),
if you want using on LAN maybe you need open a firewall.

I’m using real PC.
when I launch “ifconfig” it gives me but this is not for the erpnext. it is for nginx.
how can i get the ip adress for the erpnext specificlly that it works now on

It look like by

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Whats happen with
If works ErpNext , you only need to change the port, else, I don’ know

(read this “Discuss”) Change the port