CPU 100% Very Slow - Bench Worker Queue Eating CPU

Hello guys,

My CPU has gone nuts. The site is offline most of the time and sometimes works very slowly.

Do you have any idea what is going on?

2 gigs of memory is not enough to run even web browsers these days :smile:, also you’re utilizing swap already which is disk acting as memory and it’s gonna be very very slow.

You can go to ERPNExt and open “Background jobs” to see which job is running right now.


Also, if this is ERPNext v13 make sure you are running v13.6.0 or greater to avoid the slow downs that were in the earlier versions that attempted to compare the ENTIRE stock value to the stock ledger on every stock transfer or sales invoice submit. V13.6.0 was the first to get rid of that epic failure.

(And YES, upgrade to at least 4gb of memory)


Thank you for the comment. I have found that the hard disk of the VM was full due to logs being accumulated which Ultimately lead to the CPU burnout. Being a newbie to server administration I did not know I have to clear log files regularly. Can you let me know which log files we need to clear in ERPNext regularly and how to do it all at once?