Crash when uploading large files

I am trying to upload 100 mb file as attachment in ERPNext but webpage get crach while uploading!!!
I set “max_file_size”: 500000000 in site_config just in case .
see what happen:

How I can solve this?

Wow! 100MB is a very large file. I don’t think ERPNext is designed for such large files at the moment

@tundebabzy Could you guide me How and where should I modife the code to support this feature

Have you seen this - I would start here - import Upload Limitations doc and so on

where to set “max file size”? Could you tell me.

in site_config.json

I opened issue for this and I want to sponsor it :

@Mohammed_Redha. I am not able to import even 1500 record warehouse record via Import tool. I want more than 25000 warehouse record. Is there any way to import in single click.

@murugesh Try to make data import in bench console
Please read this: