Create a custom app for my ERPNext


I have created a basic app for my ERPNext instance. All my Python files are located in folders within my app. However, all my JavaScript scripts are currently in the ERPNext dashboard, and I am unsure where to place them within my custom app. Is there a specific folder I should use? Additionally, how can I reference them in or elsewhere?

Please check the documentation.

Thanks @NCP I will check this ASAP.

But how can I refresh the form after like 5 sec in pyhton, I tried this

# Attendre pendant 5 secondes

# Rafraichire la page
#return {"refresh": True}

Please check the link.

Thanks for the link, it’s more for the refresh that didn’t work. How can I write in PY or / and in JS wait 5 seconde and refresh the page ?

for js, use

setTimeout(() => {
     // something ....
}, 5000);

Example for check this documentation.