Create a custom worker queue

I know by default a queue should be one of background, long, default or short…
But is there a way to create new custom rq queues to be used for specific tasks instead the mentioned above?

I see there is an old closed PR but wasn’t merged.

Did you try python-rq docs? RQ: Documentation Overview

treat the frappe-bench/env as standard python env and try to run the code using ./env/bin/python interpreter.

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I see can implement this way, but I’m interested in having the option to monitor this new custom rq queue’s tasks in the Background Jobs page of my app.

Something like this…

I already checked in utils/ trying to recreate treatment process of the default queues in my new custom queue but I’m not sure.
Is it possible to create a new worker queue and make it appear in the Background Jobs page of my app like the default ones?