Create a datetime field which is added to Calendar


Does anyone know how to create a Datetime Field which will be added to the Calendar?

I would like to create this Field within a new Quote called Next Contact By and have it shown on my Calendar. I already have it set up as an Email Alert, but my Sales people also want to have an overview in the Calendar.
This works already in the Lead Section where the Next Contact By field is linked to the Calendar and back.

This would be helpful to know for other parts in ERPnext as well in the future.

Thank you for have a looking at my question.

Rutger from Amsterdam

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@Rutger you will have to create a quotation_calendar.js in the quotation folder like sales order erpnext/sales_order_calendar.js at develop · frappe/erpnext · GitHub and an equivalent get_events method

Hi Rushabh,

Thank you. Where can I find this example .js file of the Sales Order in the system?

Hopefully I would be able to create this part for the quotation part as well then.