Create a Dynamic UOM conversion calculator table

Hi everyone! i am new to ERPnext. I want to create a UOM conversion calculator for the products sold. But i was not able to get the conversion rate of an item to another Doctype and calculate it:

  1. I have Created a product with Kg as its default value and i have set the conversion value in items. in Items
  2. I want to create the table in the quotation with a conversion calculator the concept is somewhat like this:

any help will be much appreciated! thank you

How is your conversion values in the Item master? Did you examine ?

I have pre set the conversion values in the Items as follows:

The conversion works just fine its just that if customer request purchase in Kg the sales must know how many Rolls is used for the purchase (If the Rolls is in the Float value the customer should buy the next whole number of the roll value) Thus the calculator serve the purpose so sales can quickly and accurately determine how many Kg customer should buy. Since Accounting and Stock manager uses Kg as their standard UOM i can’t put Roll as the default value.

Another problem i’m facing is that when i try to link UOM Conversion Factor doctype on the Quotation Item doctype it made the quotation not reponding when i try to see the breakdown of the item