Create a Gantt View for new Doctype


I am trying to make a new DOCTYPE that requires the use of Gantt View in order to view the work flow a user needs to accomplish. I followed this doc:

Which states that if I have calendar view, the Gantt View is automatic. So in the DOCTYPE there is an option to generate Calendar View (As well as Kanban). Was able to create it, successfully showing records on the calendar. But when I go back to the DOCTYPE’s List view, the calendar option disappears from the list. I get the default List, Report, and Kanban options.

This document from frappé says that I need to create a file in order to view the calendar view. Since I was able to do this from the UI, so my question is:

** Is it necessary to touch code in order to create my Gantt Code? Or is there an easier way to do this.

I am currently using V14, and using Frappé Cloud, so no access to bench.