Create a Guide on Custom Frontend Dev

Hi all,

I feel like there is near to no documentation or straight forward guides on how to create a fully functional and secure front-end (Possibly using frameworks like Vue or React) that communicates to the back end (Note that depending on the Version this changes too).

I mention this as I threw myself in the deep-end and learnt as I went (Especially for implementing Vue), but most information provided on the docs or forums did not help much.
I understand that there are currently some custom made apps on github to make static pages, but Iā€™m talking about taking it a step further.

Frappe and ERPNext have an amazing UI and Desk experience, but for companies outsourcing or giving access to the site to customers, its some times more professional/preference to provide a custom front end if the need arises. I came to Frappe with past project experiences in Django and Flask, and I would like to work on sharing how to make Frappe, a battery-included framework integrate easier with other front-end/custom frameworks like the guides provided by Django or Flask.

Am I the only one that thinks this? or is only a small part of the community actually interested in this?

If so, would anyone be interested in working together, to create documentation to add to the existing official documentation?



Take a look here ā€¦ I think that FrappeUI is the way ā€¦

Some talks in the next ERPNext conference are related to this area.
Hope this helps.

Thank avc, I worked with these repos during the work I was doing, but my post was more in regards of documenting from start to finish, how someone can get Frappe working with a front end like VUE via docs, no need to rely on installing repos as apps on a site. An ABC doc, detailing how to make it work, depending on the framework and frappe/erp version.