Create a new fieldtype


Any hints or a roadmap on creating a new or altering a fieldtype?

Specifically, I want to bring Google Maps. Whether it’s replacing the current Geolocation implementation or creating a new fieldtype.

There’s probably a lot of hard coding within Frappe and ERPNext regarding field types. It’s likely fraught with peril to try to create a new one.

How about using an HTML field, and populating its value using script or other custom programming?

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This indeed sounds like a good solution! Given our example of Google Maps, will the HTML field render the map, as well as store the values (long, lat, zoom, etc.)?

I’m not a programmer, but my understanding is that an HTML field can render pretty much whatever you want, but you’ll have to code it on the back end. If you want to store any extra data for the field, you can always add additional fields or another doctype for storage.