Create a theme using the website module

Hello everyone
First of all Im not sure if this is posted in the right place, couldn’t find a designated section for paid requests.
Due to the nature of our business, our website tends to get outdated real quick. So we are thinking of using the integrated ERPNext website and e-commerce modules so that everything related to our business can be managed from one place. Another reason behind this is that we don’t want to use connectors / APIs because they require constant maintenance whenever ERPNext, Wordpress or Woo update.

However, I have few concerns regarding UI and design limits using the website module as well as SEO.

I am interested in this theme Webblocks - Webflow HTML Website Template and I was wondering if it can be made via the website module.

Looking for anyone who can make this job or anyone who can provide assistance in applying such theme.

Also open to any recommendations regarding the use of the integrated website/ecommerce solutions in comparison with wordpress/woo, webflow or shopify.

Note: using the latest stable version of ERPNext, hosted on so I don’t think modifying source files is an option


Still looking

Write me and we will see what can be done

Integrating ERPNext’s website and e-commerce modules is a smart move for streamlining your business operations. Concerns about UI/design limitations and SEO are valid, but ERPNext has made strides in offering customization options. Regarding the theme you’re eyeing, Webblocks - Webflow HTML Website Template 14, replicating it using ERPNext’s website module might have some limitations due to differences in structure and functionality. You might need to adapt it or find something similar that aligns more closely.For assistance with this job, might be a great resource. They specialize in ERPNext and website development, offering tailored solutions that might fit your needs.