Create a work order as per the sales order and into the stock entry, the UOM changed

Hi ERPNext Community
When creating a SALES ORDER for a specific item and choosing a UOM other than the default UOM for the item, for example (RL 100/Y),

and converting this SALES ORDER to a WORK ORDER, the quantity is converted to the default UOM, (Kilometer) for example , this is normal.See Pic

But when the item is manufactured and entered into the STOCK ENTRY shows the default unit and quantity, based on the default UOM of the item,
not as it was in the SALES ORDER

Is doing it this way correct and logical?
I apologize that the translation has lost some details,
Thank you


I think ERPNext don’t care of selling unit. If your default item stock unit is Kilometer, then Work Order will produce Kilometer (you can still change it on Work Order, but not sure what stock entry will do with uni of measure, it will be logical to convert to default item stock unit whatever).

When you will sell it and deliver it with de delivery note (depending on your workflow), the stock decrease entry will converter from stock unit to sell unit.

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Thanks @FHenry

The stock keeper needs to know the quantity according to the unit on which the manufacture was made (according to the sales order)
Reports have been generated accordingly because they will receive the quantity based on this unit
What is the solution in this case, in your opinion?
I think I’m complicating myself, do you agree?