Create an App to import EPABX Call Log


Good Evening.

I want to create an app where i can import all my EPABX Call log and then any of my users can view it.

Now there are few points:

  1. I will import the file.
  2. It will contain fields like Telephone No, Extention, Call Date, Time & Duration.
  3. When i open this app in ERPNext, i want the system to pick the name of the corresponding (from Address Book) Telephone no., and display it’s name.
  4. I also want to get report of it.

Now the most important part, I dont have much of coding knowledge.

What i have done uptill now is i have just created an app :grin:

bench new-app Epabx

Now comes the tricky part and that’s where i need your valued guidance on development.

It would be great if someone comes forward on the same.

Zaran Hirachand Dhulla

Check following links for app development in frappe,

What epabx are you using i.e. brand?

Syntel Neos Epabx