Create an ERPNext APPStore

Hi @rmehta:

I’m a big fan of ERPNext and in it I found one of the greatest tools for my business. The fact that it is a living, open-sourced software makes it relevant and updated.

I’ve seen that one downside and a large barrier for user adoption is the fact that once you want to make a greater personalization (i.e. create a custom app) you have to opt out from the ERPNext hosting.

This might not be a great issue for programmers and/or true experts. But for regular users, which use ERPNext managing our businesses it is a big hassle and high cost because it means finding a local ERPNext expert (there aren’t many) to help us host our instance and develop custom apps.

I believe a potential solution to this problem is to develop an open “appstore” to give an incentive for developers to monetize their creations (and therefore increase the amount and quality of apps) and an easier way for users to customize their ERPnexts.

What do you think?


Also, it could be a new way for ERPNext to make some revenue.

I guess it is a win-win-win scenario

This is an on going discussion with pros and cons. I also think it would be a good idea to have some kind of sandbox-place for apps to be implemented and marketed befor they are taken into the official product. Examples like Wordpress and nextcloud make a good example of how it could work.

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Yes, I’m sure there are technical and safety challenges. But I’m even more confident that the benefits and potential outweght by far those challenges (ERPNext has the potential to become the Wordpress or ERP’s i.e: the most widely used software of its kind).

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I#m with you on that, yes.

@tecnofoodmx WE are working on a hosting platform where you can install your own custom apps. Infact with Server Script in Version 12+ you don’t even need custom apps to drive your customization.

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