Create an increase in stock when a service is puchased

Quick back story: We are a recycling center of sorts and take in raw material and than convert that material into a finished good and sell the finished good. Company X arrives with 20 cubic yards of raw material and is charged $100 for dumping. We than that those 20 yards and convert it into 3 UOM’s.

So to my question: I set up a service in the warehouse module for the intake of raw material. When this service is sold, I want to raise the quantity of another stock raw material by the same amount of UOM sold as the service (Example: We sold 20 cubic yards of raw material intake service and want to raise raw material by 20 cubic yards). How can I achieve this?

You can make a Repack type of Stock Entry to convert your material.

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I ended up doing this through a BOM on the manufacturing side so that it should be automated. Thank you @rmehta