Create an invoice from Sales Order and Timesheets

Dear ERPNext Community,

while searching for the right ERP I came across this software and tested it a little bit.
One thing I wasn’t able to acchieve, is creating an invoice with timesheets and sales orders.

My first attempt was to create a project, insert timesheets, create a sales order with a product and insert the project.

If I create a Bill and select the project, only the timesheets are shown, but no sales order.

Q1) How can I put sales orders + timesheets onto one invoice?

I write invoices about twice a month, so there is a big chance to have multiple
projects for one customer. And I dont want wo write him multiple invoices at once.

For now I can think about two approaches:
a) Create a project with timesheets and sales orders for every request, then bill all projects at once
b) Create sales order and timesheets (without projects) for every request and refer
both to the customer. Then bill all not billed stuff of this customer at once (creating only one invoice).

I didn’t get them to work because a) I dont see any option to bill multiple projects
and b) it seems that I have to enter a project in order to attach the timesheet to a customer.

Q2) Is one of this two options doable?
Or is there any other option that fits my needs?

Thank you and best regards.


I tried something like this using the test company , which had employees and some items:
Create Activity with Billing Rate
Create new item, Service Item Group, with UOM of Hours.
Create new Sales Order for Customer , with an item and the service , in hours. Submit that and Make Project.
Create new Timesheet , in Activity use Sales Order number for Project.
Make Sales Invoice , a popup will allow to add Item and Customer - that item will be tied to the timesheet. You should be able to add additional items to the Sales Invoice

where I get trouble is if I try to add items from Sales Order when I make invoice, It seems that the timesgeet disappears if I do that.

Hope this helps a bit.