Create automatically project when Opportunity create Job Awarded in Sales Stage

dear friends, in opportunity while applying “Job Awarded” as data in Sales stage i automatically need to create project list based on given opportunity data

Hi @sathya_raj,

That for, please apply the client script for Opportunity.


frappe.ui.form.on('Opportunity', {
    after_save: function(frm) {

function create_project(frm) {
    var salesStage = frm.doc.sales_stage;
    if (salesStage === 'Job Awarded') {{
            method: 'frappe.client.insert',
            args: {
                doc: {
                    doctype: 'Project',
                    // Add other fields from the Opportunity that you want to copy to the Project
            callback: function(response) {
                if (response.message) {
                        title: __('Success'),
                        indicator: 'green',
                        message: __('Project created successfully: '

When you save the Opportunity the Project will create.


Thank You!


thank you so much NCP

hi Friends,
In Opportunity when sales stage is Job Awarded saved it should create notification after 3days

Hi @sathya_raj,

Please go to the notification and set it up according to.

Please check it.

Thank You!

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