Create button Return/Debit Note in purchase invoice not working

Sales Invoice once submitted shows a ‘Create’ button, which is not working in the latest pull.
line 462. file erpnext/accounts/doctype/purchase_invoice/purchase_invoice.js

	make_debit_note() {
			method: "erpnext.accounts.doctype.purchase_invoice.purchase_invoice.make_debit_note",
			frm: this.frm,

I think the error is because of this.frm

ERPNext Version:- 16.x.x

Hi @Krish_Vyas,

We checked in dev so you are right it not worked. Thank you for reporting the issue.

We’ve raised a Pull Request for develop branch, so please take a look.

Also, When randomly checking found the same issue in the Credit note from the Sales Invoice.

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