Create child item if not exists on quotation import from data import tool

I am trying to create an item if it not exists when i import a quotation with the Data Import Tool. Do you know if it possible? My actual need is to be make quotation with item not it DB yet. Creating items first and then making quotation can be quit tedious.

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Harouna SOW
Service Provider

When you’re creating the quotation via UI, you have the option to create items on the go.

This is not possible with data import. If you import an item, the form will not save and give and error.

It would be best to import all the master data first

I know i can from UI but te process is slow. If i have 50 lignes for example that mean i would have to create 50 items. Sometimes items name have to match the one in a call for bids. Thanks anyway, i needed to confirm before going for customization.