Create Connection to Child Document using Linked Documents

I have a Child Table with a field I would like to use to create connections on to another Doctype. However, I can’t figure out how to get it to work properly.

Here is the relevant part of my Child Table, which highlights the store field (the field I want to link on):

I have another Doctype called “Dividers Store”, and I want to add a “Connections” category to this field, like so:

However, I can’t get it to work (the above screenshot was taken before I placed the field in a Child Table).

When I edit the “Dividers Store” Doctype and scroll down to “Linked Documents”, I can add connections to Link fields here. However, I can’t get Child Tables to work, even though the interface appears to be designed to handle them. Here is my attempt:


The field in the “Dividers Store Waiting List” is called stores; it contains a Child Table called “Dividers Store Waiting List Stores”, with the field stores - the field I want to create connections on. When I attempt to save this, I get the following error:

AttributeError: ‘DocType’ object has no attribute ‘get_field’

If I switch the “Link Fieldname” and “Table Fieldname” field values, I get the following error:

Row #2: Could not find field stores in Dividers Store Waiting List Stores DocType

What am I doing wrong?

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This screen seems broken… couldn’t understand how to make it work either.

You are better off using a file for your custom doctype. Look around the erpnext code base, you should find plenty of examples.

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I have a similar issue ,
I tried doing a simple link to the pos profile user list as so

And got the same attribute error while saving ,
the documentation
Actions and links

doesn’t mention more details or the constraints as well ,
Is this function broken – using v13.13

I posted a but report here, and someone picked it up 15 days ago. If you want to speed this a long, it may help to post on the bug so that it isn’t forgotten.

I have the same issue, did you guys get any kind of soltuions ?!

Besides the bug getting picked up by someone, no. That’s why I suggested giving the bug more visibility.

Hey, Have you found any solution to this because I am facing the same issue?

See the link in my previous reply for the up-to-minute status.

i can save but the output is nothing linked, can you help me? did i fill correctly the Table Fieldname is “detail”?

I don’t think there is anything wrong with your setup. I wrote about this in this bug report comment. Since the code hasn’t changed, I don’t expect it to display anything, since the display code is skipped.

It’s worth noting that removing continue from the code block does allow it to display a number, but it is not clickable. My guess is that someone left continue in place while they were working on the main functionality, and never came back to work on the child table case.