Create Customer asset management

I need to create a customer asset management module that follows every Item we sold to clients to then be able to select said item when raising an Issue/service call. Lets say i sold 5x the item “camera A”, i need to be able to create a unique ID for each of the 5 cameras of the same model (to input ip adress, username, password, etc.)

I was thinking about doing the same logic as stock entry. When you get a purchase receipt in the actions you can make a stock entry. Here, when i create a sales invoice i could make a client asset entry based on items on the invoice. The challenge would then be to make a different entry for each quantity of an item instead of having just one line for the item “camera A” with a quantity of 5.

How can i set this up?

For your Item use the serial number option to create a unique serial for each Item sold.

For maintenance/repair have a look here