Create customer birthday calendar view


I added 1 custom field birthdate to customer doctype and I create a calendar view in this doctype base on birthdate field.
How can I make the birthday event repeat?


@Pheakdey_Tes1 do you mean every year at the same day ?

Yes exactly what I wanted.
I have checked in Event Calendar, it has option to repeat event yearly. but in calendar view for doctype doesn’t have.

Hey @Pheakdey_Tes1, were you able to send birthday notification to customers ? If yes then please suggest the way. Thanks

You can create an Event and make it repeats every year … from customer form (via custom script)

Other way (avoiding Events) is creating a custom method that compares current date (month and day) with birthday month and month day, and from it, send birthday notification or something. Then, trigger this method from daily cron jobs on … :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

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Thank you very much @avc for your assistance. It’ll be really helpful if you can provide example code for it as I am a bit new to ERPNext.