Create data from web forms just like desk forms


I would like to know if there is a possibility to create data via a web form?

For example below, the field is linked to the Contact doctype but it does not propose to create a contact as with the desk forms

Web form :

Desk form :

Webforms are a feature made to let non-standard users (Website Users) interact with your erp system.
It is seperated from normal forms with access control and some restrictions.

That is why you cant create new contacts in the link field as your end user might create many
spam entries for other users to choose.

More info on the purpose of webforms:

You can create a button though. That will open a new form as data input.

Ok, I understand, it’s more like internal and private use. My goal is to be able to do like web forms, i.e. to have a redirection to another form at the end of the first form, retrieve the data and etc… A kind of “Wizard forms”.

Yes, but it is less intuitive for the user. Like a button that calls for frappe.ui.dialog ?

Actually I don’t agree if it is not intuitive. Because you are talking about website user who may not having access to desk, hence never see the dropdown menu to add new document/data.

So having a New button (like the New button on doctype list view) might be intuitive enough for web user.

Yes. Or a new webform page with the same field layout.