Create Delivery Note from Sales Invoice Workflow Issue

Hello , when user creates a sales invoice with option update Stock = no and after validating theres an option to create a delivery note, after validating the DN at item level theres a field [Against Sales Invoice] that links the SI to DN but at Sales Invoice item level the field Delivery note dont get linked to DN Created before. this causes Sales invoice unable to get closed unless updating field at database level… is there anyway get this to work without accessing database?

Thanks in advance for any help.

I find the same issue a bit inconvenient as well. It seems like in that case, the DN is only linked to the Sales Order, but not to the Sales Invoice. Also, the option to make DN is still available in the Sales Invoice even after validating a DN.

The origin document is Sales Order, since you have to option to club deliveries and invoices across documents, this is the best design.

Happy to get suggestions.