Create Dunning letter based on sales invoice

Hi community,

has anybody added functionality of dunning to the sales invoices. For example I have an customer who has not payed an open sales invoice.

If actual date is before “payment due date” I can see the state “unpaid”. Is the actual date after the “payment due date” the state is “overdue”.

My next action would be to write a dunning letter to the customer for reminding him to pay the open invoice. This sould be done within erpnext. Best option would be to create a dunning letter directly out of the opened sales invoice. Afterwards the state should be “Dunning” or even better “Dunning 1”, “Dunning 2”, “Dunning x” reflecting the count of dunnings that have been sent to the customer.

Has anybody done this before? Or is there any option I can set to solve this requirement?

Thanks for any help


Not sure how to do this, besides resending a pdf of the invoice to the customer trough the mail & customer modules with notes on the invoice page.

Any other solutions?


Took five years, but here’s you go :smiley: