Create Event with conditions

So I am trying to force my employees to create calendar events with very specific information inputed in the event.

For fields that’s easy, you set them as mandatory, however we also require Add Participant to be a mandatory condition for adding an event.

Is this possible to do ?

Make the participant table mandatory in the parent doctype

That’s a good point.

The issue is that for some reason with the Administrator user logged in, I cannot edit the Doctype Event to set the participants as mandatory.

Here’s a screenshot.

Guys, any idea what we can do on this one ? I am really curious why I cannot edit the Event Doctype although I am logged in with the Administrator user.

Your help will be very much appreciated as always.

If I am not mistaken, you need to log in as Administrator in “Developer” mode to edit existing Doctypes

You can’t make changes to existing doctypes with enabling developer mode,
alternate way is use customize form for editing standard doctypes,

or enable developer mode by using bench set-config developer_mode 1

That’s great information.

My question is this, the erpnext is being used for daily business operations. Enabling developer mode, would it affect the normal work inside erpnext ?

@Iulian_Olaru not at all i think, (just saying with my own experience, experts may answer this correctly)

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