Create first backup

**Hi all **
I am new to ERPNEXT
I made hosting in contabo…
**Now… My ERPNEXT ready to work … **
But I need to learn how to create backup for database on my server and save it to my local computer and how to restore it…
I haven’t Linux OS, I work on putty.
Thank you all

Please refer below:

You can take database backup with the help of MySQL Administrator GUI tool, where you can put the login details and can create and take a backup copy to local PC.
Or if you want to take backup of file, first of all, open the putty and change to bench directory and run the command “bench backup” . when, it completes the backup, go to WINSCP tool and put the user login details and go to sites directory and directly drag and drop the backup(generally shows the erp url) to the local directory present on the left side.

or you can visit the url:-

if you have installed ERPNext correctly, then type
cd /home/frappe/frappe-bench/

then enter any command you want

bench backup

Please refer for further assistance

You have to upload the backup file to Contabo. Then use the path. Contabo does not understand C drive.

You can use WinSCP to upload the Database file(.SQL) to your Contabo server, then run the command bench restore SQL_FILE_PATH in your Contabo’s frappe-bench directory.

First you need to go to bench directory then you have to run command for backup is “bench backup”.

Go to the site directory as shown in figure where you will see your login url directory. That is the directory that you have to copy.