Create in Customer

Hello frappe Team,

very often users will wan’t to create Opportunity, Quotation, etc. straight from a customer. There is no Create->Opportunity though. Is there a reason for that?

you can use Connections tab to create them via “+” icon

Thanks for your Feedback @emre you will notice, that the + does not have same function. Oftern data is not transfered when using the +. You need to know exactly when you can use and and when you can’t…

for example opportunity, when i use “+” button i get opportunity from, customer name,currency, customer/lead address, contact persons are auto fetched. what you would like to fetch more from customer card? both is same thing from create button or via connection “+” button.

you can check this out in Project trying to create a time sheet to see how it doesn’t work ^^


did i misunderstand something here? you wasn’t point out timesheet or specials one of them, you wasn’t talking about general? you may ask for missing connection instead of general, also i don’t see any field named customer on timesheet, so it may the reason it’s not on connection list?



In this case I am coming from Project and using the + on time sheet. The following field will not be filled:

? Project? Customer?

Timesheet have project filed on each row so there can be more then one project in one timesheet probably its not populate for this reason.


Good point. Nothing that a common User would understand I guess? at least I don’t^^