Create Invoice From Delivery Note

Is it possible to see DN date when creating invoice from multiple DNs? On the image below, it’s only showing DN no and customer name…

You need to customize for this functionality.

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

But when creating purchase invoice from multiple receipts, it shows the date as shown below

Just add the posting_date to search fields.

I’ve added posting_date to search fields under Customize Form > Delivery Note, but the date is not going to be appeared…

What’s wrong? Using v5.6.3

There must be a custom query that does not honour search_fields :sigh:

@rmehta, i don’t have any custom scripts…

The search fields not working? A bug?

I’ve tested search_fields changing on another doctypes like sales order and purchase receipt and it’s working well. I assume this only happens for Delivery Note doctype. I suspect this is a bug that needed to be resolved…

Anybody can replicate this ‘issue’? Using latest v6.0.1

There must be a query in delivery note that does not seem to be working. Can you raise a GitHub Issue for this?