Create Items/Products/Services with Start and End date

Hello Everyone,

I have a specific used case. I have a startup which is a products and services company.
Sales pipeline involves selling consulting, support and training. My first question is what the best practice or way of implementing Items?

I have several products (software) and services like training, consulting and support.

The Products as items is straight forward gig. But the tricky part is services. I want to integrate services items with Jira where support engineers and consultants can see which plan the customer has and whats included in it. Like a standard support will have 9 to 5 coverage while pro will be 24 x 7 coverage.

I also want to have attributes for these items like start and end date, so that if the contract expires, support team knows that the customer needs to renew before they can get any further support.

Any help, guidance and pointers will be greatly appreciated!