Create Master purchase order

I want to create a master purchase order but not for single supplier… Supplier name and required date will be with items fields. I want to purchase 5 items from different suppliers and i will make one master purchase order item 1 from supplier 1, items two from supplier 2 and so on. On save master order it should create separate purchase order for each supplier either m buying one item from that supplier or multiple. Other words one master purchase order will have multiple purchase order according to suppliers and items belong to that supplier.

Any suggestions.? How i can achieve it. I should create clone of purchase order doctype or work on the purchase order directly.

Each supplier could have different terms and conditions, each item could have separate taxes etc etc… I do not recommend implementing this…

Whats your actual use case?

We have lots of material requests. it takes time to create PO for each supplier one after another . we want to create one master PO in which suppliers name will be with items field. on submit master PO the sub PO (which is already running in system) should created automatically (according to the suppliers in master PO) . nothing else to do with master PO.

That is the idea. how could i achieve it easily ?

should i create new doctype for master PO and define main PO as table field . so from single master PO can create multiple PO. so, in Master PO only reference PO’s (name (primary key)) will be stored.

You can create a single doctype and use it as a tool to create the actual purchase order.

Why not just find the last purchase order and use “duplicate” ?