Create multiple material issue from single purchase receipt

I need to create multiple stock entry(material Issue) from a single Purchase Receipt .But the quantity is not decreasing.
Example- I have created purchase receipt where i received 15 Pens from the supplier.I have to issue only 5 pens to customer X.
Next time when i create another material issue from that same purchase receipt ,the quantity did not reduced.Automatically the quantity should become 10 instead of 15.

See below snap shot:
Purchase receipt where i have received 15 pens

First time create material issue

Second time create material issue

The quantity did not update from 15 to 10

Hi Trishty,

Would you please detail why you are doing a Material Issue to customers? Why not a Delivery Note or an Invoice cum Delivery Note?

In all Stock Transactions, there is a field called Qty Available in Warehouse and the user has to see that value and plug in a quantity that is available.

I can understand that it would be nice for ERPNext to plug in some of the stuff automatically, so I am just trying to understand. Not that I have the ability to build that in, into ERPNext, but I’m just trying to figure out if there is any existing functionality that could help you achieve the same business need.

Hope this helps.



From the delivery note ,when click on “Get Items” there is no such functionality where i can retrieve data from the purchase receipt.

It is client requirement that from the purchase receipt that they will have to issue