Create new app and site do not work

Hey, am using frappe on VM I tried to create a new site or new app but this is not work seems the system is stuck, ,they has been created at the first time and I used bench --site library_management_site install-app library_management ,then I uninstall it and it done correctly then I deleted the site and app using WinSCP …
and now every time am trying to create any new site or app seems like the system is stuck
when I write the statement
bench new-app library_management or what ever I try to name it
and as well the statement
bench new–site

it shows me many lines start with File word and in the end of them
ModuleNotFoundError: No module Named ‘library_management’

how to fix this

Check apps.txt :page_facing_up: and apps.json :page_facing_up:

Location : [YOUR_BENCH]/sites

if these two file contains data about library_management then remove it.
(Note : maintain the format of file)

You can also try this command :

bench setup requirements

Thanks much, it works :+1: