Create new lead from custom form at front page

Hello guys,

We have created a custom homepage to our erpnext . We are using method to store the html , css, js file in the /www folder to display the new page .

On the page, we would like to display a custom form (order form) to create a new lead when the user click a submit button .

I know there is a Web form in the website setting, but can we bring it to include into our home page not just a link to the form page?.

Are you referring to Embedding of form? Not possible at the moment.
But you can achieve it with combination of Frappe/ERPNext API and JS.

Hi yashodhan, yes thought about embedding of form if possible…

For the Frappe/Erpnext Api where can i refer to…im new into this kind of api.

Hi @naim5441 ,

For Integrating ERPNext with other application, please refer to following :

Thank you.

Hi @naim5441, as @yashodhan said, you can use the Frappé REST API with your embedded form on your homepage.