Create new module steps

i follow this steps but no module creation :
1- Turn on Developer Mode.
2- Go to Module Def, Create Module.
3- Go to apps/your-app/your-app/config/
add this code:
“module_name”: “Your Module Name”,
“color”: “#8e44ad”,
“icon”: “fa fa-puzzle-piece”,
“icon”: “octicon octicon-rocket”,
“type”: “module”

4- run migrate
5- run clear-cashe

but nothing showing ’ i need help please .

Hi. make sure your newly created doctype is located also on config folder. no need to do the 4 and 5 just reboot your server and it will work hope it helps

i checked an am not founded

Okay then create a module name you can copy and rename existing .py files to your newly created module. Dont forget to make restart after you created the module filles on config folder.

what’s command for restart ?

What linux server are you using?


No i mean restart your server make sure u place your doctype name inside the newly created files on config folder at some point you need it for the module to appear.

i user Ubuntu server

Okay i assume you know howto reboot or restart ubuntu server. If not log in to your server and juat type reboot.

i do new doctype and reboot but nothing showing

Doctype and Module are different make sure you create first module def lists. Then after creating a module on erpnext go to your erpnext config folder and create a module name refers to your newly created module. Then please insert the code there.

Just copy that format then change the label anything you want and under doctype name change it according to your doctype name.


module name : operations_management

what the missed step ? !

Please delete the other operations management module to avoid duplication. After that go to frappe-bench / apps / erpnext /erpnext / config. Then create a then copy the code that i gave.

yes i do and also nothing change ? :wink:

pleez i need help it’s very important thing to create modules

May i see the screenshot of your doings? From the cretion of doctype and modules. From creation of operations and the code also the

I just created a new app with a new module … you have to create a .py file inside of your config folder that defines the module. The defines the module itself,

For instance module name is “module1”… in define “module1”, but inside config directory you need to have

Make sure you use bench migrate, app needs to be installed on your initial site … when you’re done … do a restart of supervisor … that should get it running …

It looks like you’re trying to modify core code … you may have an issue if you throw a module into the core code… make a new app …

i would also want to learn how to create modules. are there detailed step by step tutorials about this? Im new in ERPNext and Linux system.

Also, im using downloaded ERPNext production server in Oracle VM VirtualBox