Create new party type


I want to create new party type and want to link it with particular account.
e.g. like, debtors A/C for Customers in which debtors is an account and customer is a party type.

Should be easy, just need to make sure there are no “Select” type fields where Customer, Supplier is hard-coded

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Thnx @rmehta,
I had looked that in
Really ERPNext’s coding is great and easy to use by all.
Its really appreciable the way in which you all have designed.
Great Work :smile:


@Nishant_Jariwala thanks! Seems you are doing advanced dev. Will be cool if you can take some time out and help other users too.

ya sure :smile:

would you please i want to know how you solve party type issue because we get cash and pay it to type other than customers and suppliers ?

i appreciate if you tell me how to make it

What kind of party? If it’s an owner draw or shareholder you should do it through a journal transaction. Employee and student are already covered as far as I’m aware.
If you’re paying the mafia maybe ERPNext’s level of detail isn’t a great fit for your business…


The issue is that we preform cash transactions with serialed cash receipts and also pay through pay receipts all from company cash safe so, there is incidences that i pay money and acquire money to and from company or personnel that is not listed in supplier or customer and need to be listed to creditors and debtors type and account
i opened to them accounts and manually adjust it through middle account and make journal entry adjustment to them manually but i want to make it automatically make journal entry to the mentioned account in payment and received receipts with the ongoing safe serial numbers receipts

I don’t think you need a new party type, I think you just some different terminology around your workflow. It sounds like a similar situation to this one:

As far a serializing the receipts, do these need to match a printed paper receipt (this seems like something I’d want to solve in part with a preprinted paper form)? In that case there may be some customization or re-using existing fields. Let’s try to make it work out of the box first though.

how is that possible ?

Which part? Serializing the receipts?

Also, where are you located? It may be appropriate to contact a local service provider to support you and talk though the problem. I feel confident (at least based on my understand of your problem) that this is solvable.

how you create party type??