Create new recruiter and applicant via rest api

How can I create a new recruiter and applicant, and what’s data should send in the request?

Hi, @Mohamed_Samir1
For this case You can use the ERPnext API to send the post request for the endpoint data.

Example code:

For new recruiter:

    "doctype": "Recruiter",
    "first_name": "Mohamed",
    "last_name": "Samir",
    "email": "",
    "phone": "1234567890"

For application:

    "doctype": "Job Applicant",
    "first_name": "User",
    "last_name": "1",
    "email_id": "",
    "mobile_no": "1234567890",
    "job_title": "Software Developer",
    "resume_text": "XXXX YYY ZZZZ",
    "job_applicant_job": [
            "job_title": "Software Developer",
            "company": "XXX Corporation",
            "status": "Applied"

Thank you.