Create new site using Helm ERPNext

I installed the erpnext in Kubernetes and also created the new site. It’s showing “completed” as the status but when i run it my browser it is not working. what is the issue?

you’ve working ingress controller / loadbalancer?

have you created appropriate ingress resource? (use latest ingress api instead of extensions/v1beta1)

Is it mandotory to create the site ingress? . As you know i m running only frappe in kubernetes.
By default ingress-controller is running in my cluster.

yes Ingress is required to expose services to internet

I created site ingress but still it is not working in browser. I have named the site name as mysite.localhost , should i have to change the name?
Also another doubt , for ingress.yml file in which namesapce should i have to run it either in erpnext or ingress-nginx?

are you trying locally? localhost won’t work if it’s production site with valid domain name.


Yes , i want the frappe to run locally also when ingress.yaml is running it is giving address as localhost, when i add the site name in /etc/hosts file still it is not working in browser. In browser it is giving this site can’t be reached and the site name is

locally? i can’t access your machine.

i think you need to go through kubernetes basics.

i really can’t help you with that.

yes , how we run the frappe in docker by giving the site name mysite.localhost and it will run locally similarly i want to run it using kubernetes

which local kubernetes distribution?

minikube? kind? k3d?


whats the solution to run the frappe site other than locally

why do you want to run it on minikube locally? are you doing any kubernetes related development?

check this script. it is used to test helm chart locally

my requirement is to run the frappe in kubenetes, how we run the frappe in docker and we have option either to install any app or just use frappe . similarly i want to run it in kubernetes only frappe not erpnext and then create the site

i really can’t help much. refer the script. that may help you figure out some thing.

for custom apps you need custom image. i have answered how to build custom images before search forum and issues.

i am using the frappe/frappe-worker image only